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This beautifully illustrated eBook includes 25 delicious coconut flour recipes of your favorite Muffin, Pancake, and Mug Cake flavors; including healthy frostings to pair them with.

Because they are made with coconut flour, all 25 recipes are gluten free, paleo friendly, clean eating, and - did I mention - DELICIOUS!

Coconut flour is a terrific alternative to wheat flour, but - because of it's highly hygroscopic nature (it absorbs liquid like a thirsty camel!) - it can be difficult to work with.

Especially if you don't have a lot of experience working with it!

With this PDF format eBook, you have - at your fingertips - thoroughly tested recipes that show you how to use coconut flour successfully, even if you've never worked with it before.

I don't just give you easy-to-follow instructions either. Each recipe has a mouthwatering picture of the finished product next to it as well.

On top of that I've included directions to making your own Muffin & Pancake Mix. This will give you a shortcut to whipping up coconut flour treats in no time. With this mix and my ratio guideline, you will even be able to experiment with your own flavor creations IF you decide to do so.

Here are 3 quick videos of me making a few of the 25 recipes found in the eBook:

Look delicious, right? They truly are. And the eBook has 25 recipes just like it.

Here's a peek inside:

Table of contents

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Still not convinced you should invest in a copy for yourself? See what others are saying about the ebook.

"After miserably failing making coconut flour banana bread once I never dared putting my hands on coconut flour again until I was lucky enough to stumble upon Leelalicious' Coconut Flour Cookbook. Let me tell you something, this lady does magic in the kitchen and then shares all her secret tricks in this beautiful book. I have yet to come along a recipe of hers that doesn't taste like heaven. I can't wait to try ALLLL of the book's recipes! Coconut flour, here I come, I will now conquer you with the help of this amazing Cookbook!"

"Coconut flour might be the star of this cookbook, but what I love the most is how easy it can be customized to fit any diet. I can't wait to try each and everyone of these recipes."

"Wow, I'm so glad to have your book as a resource, Regina! I am just recently adding a baking section to my blog and I didn't know where to start in researching healthy alternatives. The beautiful photos and layout make this a pleasure to read and create an excitement to experiment with coconut flour. Thank you!"

"Love Regina's ebook! this is such a great way for us to make healthy allergy friendly snacks and breakfast without having to go all out and cook a big meal. Which can be overwhelming when you are newly gluten free or even making food for kids with allergies. All her recipe are simple and delicious! An ebook you will want to keep handy!"

"I mastered whipped coconut cream years ago to address my dairy intolerance, but baking with coconut flour has taken a little more effort. Regina's collection of muffins, pancakes and mug cakes gives me reason to revisit my ingredient nemesis. First on my list, the Coffee Cake Mug Cake!"

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Hey listen: I understand if baking with coconut flour isn't for you. It isn't for everyone. Although finding alternatives to traditional flour is all the rage right now - not everyone has jumped on that boat (yet). I totally get it, so no pressure.

Since you've read this far though without getting it, let me do something totally crazy for you: Allow me to take on all risk by offering you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Sound fair?

Here's the deal:

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee Get the eBook today and if you aren't completely satisfied with it for whatever reason, let me know and I will issue you a refund. It's that simple.
So if I or my eBook let you down, forward me a copy of your receipt within the first 30 days and I will personally process your refund.
I only want happy customers. If you aren't happy, I do not want your money (no matter how little it may have been).

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To healthier desserts,

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Regina Braun