I already showed you one traditional Thai dessert and today I want to share with you a traditional Thai pancake called Roti (row-tee). It really reminds me more of a crepe though.

A piece of sticky dough gets thrown around and flattened and then put on a hot griddle. The next step is completely up to your taste. It can be filled with banana, coconut, egg, raisins and many other options and then the sides are folded over. The pancake is turned and cooked from the other side.

The finished Roti is topped with sugar or sweet condensed milk and cut into bite-sized pieces. As you can see, the paper is grease-soaked. It is definitely not a healthy snack. But then again, it’s dessert and a great occasional treat.

This time we had a simple one filled with sweet condensed milk and topped with sugar.

I finally discovered the world of instagram and this is one of the first pictures I edited & uploaded there. I really enjoy instantly sharing pictures and networking through instagram and I would love to connect with you too. If you are interested you can find me under @specialtycake.

The ingredients for Roti are quite simple. If your are adventurous you can try making them at home either in a pan or better yet, on a griddle. Make sure to watch the video link below.

Roti Recipe
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup water
1 egg
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon butter, melted

You can find the instructions together with a video of a Thai street vendor preparing Roti at Importfood.com

The video took some time to load (it might just have been my internet connection) but it is totally worth seeing how it is done.

My husband enjoying Roti at a street vendor.

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5 Responses to Roti {Traditional Thai Pancake}

  1. John says:

    hahaha…in Malaysia it’s called roti canai. It was traditionally brought by Indian people during British Colony in 1940 something.Here u can find a lot of flavoured of roti canai. In my hometown, malacca the popular one was called Roti Terbang (flying roti) u can see the roti was flying likes helicopter when they preparing it (like the flying pizza)

    • Regina says:

      Yeah, there seem to be variations of it all over SE Asia. I absolutely love it with banana and sweetened condensed milk, but I shouldn’t have it too often ;)

      • John says:

        yes,too oily and sweet right? :P typical asian food, always need oil when cooking.hehehe. Here we eat it with curry and dhall. have you tried it when u in malaysia?

        • Regina says:

          Yeah, its soo greasy. But hey, this is a cake blog, so naturally I love sweet things. Just everything in moderation. No, I have never tried a savory version while in Malaysia. Will look out next time.

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