Simple Flowery Cupcake Toppers

There are many amazing, fancy and elaborate ways to decorate cupcakes. But sometimes it doesn’t have to be too fancy or there is no time for anything elaborate.

So today I want to share a simpler way to add a little something to your cupcakes. And who says that something simple can’t still be amazing?

It’s these simple flower cupcake toppers.

I think the key to make them “pop” is to chose 3 fondant colors that complement each other but are still contrasting and then arrange them in three different ways.

This particular set was created for a 70s theme party so I choose moss green (green+a little black), mustard yellow (yellow+a touch of brown) and burnt orange (orange+a little red+a touch of brown) as colors.

Of course you can work with any flower cutters that you already own. I believe Wilton discontinued the flower cutter set these light green cutter are from. But when I look at their current Gum Paste Flowers Set it looks like two very similar flower cutters are included, only in blue this time.

For the centers you can use a simple small dot. I used a daisy center stamp from JEM Cutters but this Flower Centers Mold from First Impression Molds will work as well.

For a set of 12 cupcake toppers cut out 4 large flowers in each of your 3 fondant colors. Same for the smaller flowers and the centers. Stack and glue together with a little water or gum glue a large flower, a smaller flower and a center – each of a different color.

It seems simple – but I admit I got a little flustered with the three color combinations. So maybe assemble first before gluing them all together.
As last step and when the flowers have dried a little you can brush them with a little Pearl Dust if you like a little shimmer and bling.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and maybe it comes handy for you. As always, I would love for you to share your creations.

You can email me at regina @ and with your permission I can post them to the website or we could connect even simpler via my Facebook Page.

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