Easy Oreo Icecream Sandwiches

Do you like the combination of Oreos and icecream? Then you will love these easy home-made Oreo cookie icecream sandwiches!

Easy Oreo Icecream Sandwiches | SpecialtyCakeCreations #Oreo #Icecream

Easy Oreo Icecream Sandwiches | SpecialtyCakeCreations #Oreo #Icecream

I thought I had come up with kind of a genius idea, when thinking up these home-made Oreo icecream sandwiches.

A quick Google search later I had to realize that my idea – though still genius – is far from original. Others have thought of it before me. Like, a lot of people…hehe.

Coming to terms with my non-original inner genius didn’t hold me back one single bit from executing this idea. Here it comes (these are also the instructions for this ‘recipe’ – so pay good attention as it might be over sooner than you think):

Twist Oreo cookies apart, place a scoop of softened icecream on one half and top with the other!

And that’s it. It is a good idea to the let the sandwiches set up in the freezer for about an hour, but then there is nothing that is holding you back from enjoying a super easy, home-made Oreo icecream sandwich.

I used coconut icecream, because it is like the vanilla equivalent of Southeast Asia. But you can use whichever flavor you prefer.

See? Easy!

Easy Oreo Icecream Sandwiches | SpecialtyCakeCreations #Oreo #Icecream

Now let me tell you what is NOT AT ALL easy: taking pictures of icecream in 35 degree (95 F) weather. Before I had even fully figured out angle and settings, the sandwich filling started melting in front of my eyes and oozing out.

First I wanted to cry. Then I was ready to just eat these Oreo sandwiches all by myself and not tell you about this genius idea – because that would have meant admitting to this photography fail.

But as I was starting to clean up, I noticed I had a perfect photo-op for one of those ‘slightly messy overhead shots’. I am sure there is a more professional description for this photography style, I just don’t know it.

Nothing like a shot fromΒ Helene Dujardin or Naomi from Bakers Royale, but not bad for a first of this kind. Or what do you think?

Easy Oreo Icecream Sandwiches | SpecialtyCakeCreations #Oreo #Icecream

Easy Oreo Icecream Sandwiches
If you like Oreo cookies and icecream, then you will love these easy home-made Oreo icecream sandwiches!
  • 1 package Oreo cookies
  • 1 tub icecream (1/2 gallon / 2 L)
  1. Take icecream out of the freezer to soften up for 10 minutes. Twist Oreo cookies apart, place one scoop of icecream on one cookies and close with the other half.
  2. Place Oreo icecream sandwiches back in the freezer to set up for 1 hour.
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  1. says

    Such a bummer – when you think you have an original idea and than you see it elsewhere? :) There isn’t much that hasn’t been done before, sadly – but adding a new twist makes it fresh. We used to do this in school, dessert for broke students – lol! Really liking the moody pics, Regina.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh. I want to steal whatever that thing is in the background! Do you know What Should I Eat for Breakfast? She lives near me and I want to steal that dark table of hers. Dark tables / whatever that thing is are the best. I want!

    And the pictures are great! :) I hate it when my “original” idea isn’t original. It’s so hard to come up with something new!

    • Regina says

      That thing in the background is the desk in our current place. It’s awesome isn’t it? I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I am actually planning to write about it this week :) I didn’t know this blog before, but you are right, her table is gorgeous.

    • Regina says

      You are the best Dorothy! πŸ˜€ For a while I thought I was the last person who didn’t know about this.

    • Regina says

      First I wasn’t so sure about coconut ice cream in these but it turned out to be such a yummy combo. And thank you so much! It really is fun doing the dark shoots πŸ˜€


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