Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge

Who doesn’t like some good ol’ Oreo cookies, especially when they are spiked with peanut butter and sunk into soft chocolate fudge.

Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge from

Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge from

Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge from

By the time this post goes live I’ll probably be somewhere mid-air over the Pacific ocean.

YES! We are going to be back in Canada for the summer. And I have extremely mixed emotions about this. On one hand I am soo excited to see our families again and actually meeting my baby nephew for the first time. Can you believe I never got to hold him yet? Now he is already about to start walking and probably won’t care much for being held. Hopefully my sister will allow me to post lots of adorable pictures of the cute chubby chipmunk on here!

On the other hand, leaving behind sunshine, warm (um…HOT!) temperatures, amazing – and oh so cheap – Asian food, and an abundance of tropical fruit (ripe, juicy mangoes, papayas or pineapple anyone?) is everything but exciting. Yes, Southeast Asia clearly has won our hearts! And already we can’t wait to come back.

However, monsoon season is about to start, so it will be nice to escape seemingly endless rain showers. And you know what I also won’t mind? Being able to bake again! Aside from a short month on Bali we never had a place with an oven in Southeast Asia (I guess it is kind of counter-intuitive to put such a heat-producing machine in an already too warm kitchen).

It was tough for a baking fanatic like me but it has also stretched my inner creative being and lead me to come up with all kinds of no-bake dessert treats like today’s Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge.

Which brings me to the topic of Oreo cookies in Asia. With so few Asian households having ovens there also comes a scarcity of related ingredients available. Some countries (like Malaysia and Indonesia) where better supplied than others (Thailand, Vietnam) but one “ingredient” that has been available literally EVERYWHERE are Oreo cookies – Yes, I see Oreos as an ingredient and not so much as a treat in itself.

Aside from the original flavor (no Double Stuf though) they even have varieties here that I have never seen in North America. How would you like some Orange Ice Cream Oreos, or maybe Blueberry Ice Cream flavor? (Neither of those taste pretty good btw).

Double Delight – Peanut Butter&Chocolate Cream is much better already, but my absolute favorite Asian Oreo flavor is Strawberry. I used them in this White Chocolate Fridge Cake. I heard there is a Berry Burst flavor available in North America now, but here it is just plain Strawberry flavor. Oh yum! (There may or may not be a few packages of these in my luggage right now.)

Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge from

Regular Oreos are also always a winner! In my last post on Moody Photography I already showed you that I had spiked up Oreo cookies with peanut butter. I came across this idea on Back For Seconds and thought they would be a fabulous add-in for my newly discovered easy chocolate fudge recipe.

For this fudge version I used a mix of milk and dark chocolate and omitted the salt. The peanut butter-spiked Oreos are placed in the center of the fudge and also make up the crumble topping.

Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Fudge
Cook time
Total time
Who doesn’t like some good ol’ Oreo cookies, especially when they are spiked with peanut butter and sunk into soft chocolate fudge.
Yield: Makes 64 1" fudge pieces
  • 28 Oreo cookies
  • ¾ cup smooth peanut butter
  • 1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 pound (450g) chocolate (I use a mix of milk + dark)
  • 3 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
  1. Line a 8x8-inch baking dish with parchment or wax paper with overhang on all sides (for lifting out later).
  2. Twist open the Oreo cookies, spread a spoonful of peanut butter on the side without filling and sandwich both halves together again. Place the cookies in the fridge or freezer to set up a little.
  3. Break or chop 12 of the PB filled Oreos into pieces, at least into quarters.
  4. Chop the chocolate into chunks. Pour sweetened condensed milk in a bowl. Add chocolate pieces and butter.
  5. Place the bowl on top of a double boiler and cook for about 8-10 minutes. Stir occasionally until the mixture is melted and smooth and has thickened.
  6. Pour half of the melted fudge mixture into the lined pan. Place whole filled Oreos on top and pour remaining fudge mix over the cookies. Sprinkle the top with the Oreo crumbles.
  7. Let the fudge set in the fridge for at least 2 hours, then cut into 1” pieces.

Do you see Oreo cookies also rather as an ingredient than a snack in itself?

I’d love to see your favorite creations with Oreos as ingredient!

Feel free to link them up in the comments!

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  1. says

    Omg, I cannot imagine living without an oven! When mine broke for all of 3 hours before the repairman came, I was literally going insane. But good to know if I ever travel overseas, there’ll be an abundance of Oreos! This fudge looks AWESOME and your pictures look awesome, too!

    • Regina says

      Oh yes, Oreos are not something one has to go without in Asia. Thank you for your lovely comment on the pictures. It always means so much to me :)

  2. Maria G. says

    In my house, we are ALL OREOS and peanut butter fans!!! I’m trying this for sure!! Will follow up after I make them….if I don’t “die and go to heaven” after I eat all of them!!! LOL

    • Regina says

      Haha…this made me laugh Maria. But this fudge totally makes it possible to go to chocolate and Oreo heaven and never return 😀 I would love to hear your thoughts, should you make it back …

      • Maria G says

        Hi Regina!!
        O…M…G…this was the best fudge I’ve tasted in a looong looong time!!! Thank you for sending me to chocolate heaven!!! I did come back….for one reason…to make MORE!! LOL Seriously, everyone loved it! I took some to work and I had to cut the 1inch square in half!! I didn’t want to run out….but I did. Thank you soooo much!!

        • Regina says

          Oh Maria, I am so glad you came back! I am so happy to hear you and everyone else loved the fudge. Thank you for taking the time to let me know before you are off to make the next batch 😉

  3. says

    Your photos are stunning and your recipes sound delectable. We would love for you to share them at The Feasting Eye is still a bit new, but I think you will like what you see :-).

  4. says

    Hahaha. What weird flavors. They sound great so it’s too bad they’re no good.

    And I hope you’re having a great time! I should probably start with your more recent posts. Anyway, this fudge looks incredible! And amazing flavors. :)


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